A complete range of products for a perfect painting result

Our slogan reads "More than colour", which means going beyond the concept of product to achieve what we consider to be the real need of our customers: value. For this reason, we did not limit ourselves to producing powder coatings, in fact we have been developing a series of complementary products and services over the time, which are able to provide professional painters with a convenient and complete tool kit.

Building on the colour charts, introduced in 2008 to help selecting the best colours and effects, in 2014 we developed the sprays, designed and studied to correct defects and smudges during the painting process. Finally, since 2017 we have also been studying liquid paints as the perfect complement to the range. 

Alongside this family of products, the customer can count on a timely service, able to ensure quick and timely deliveries (over 90%), a large quantity (over 950) of products always on stock, a research and development laboratory ready to develop new specific solutions, a sales team supporting the back office, and a wide range of payment tools.

Therefore, those who order ST paints can obtain a complete and customized kit, even in small quantities, to uniformly paint products made of different materials, thus obtaining extraordinary results even on small-scale works.

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