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ST Powder Coatings fully supporting SSN (NHC=National Health Care)

mayo 2020

Amongst other manufacturing industries involved in the fight against Coronavirus, there is also ST Powder Coatings. The company from Montecchio Maggiore has been committed in the support of the emergency supply chain, providing powder coating for the production of medical devices.
Customers supplied all over Europe, include manufactures of hospital beds, wheelchairs, medical oxygen cylinders, electro-medical equipment, components for automatic ventilators and dispensers for sanitizing gels. 
ST set up an ad hoc procedure to supply, with max priority, customers linked to the Healthcare System. This enabled to speed up production lead times of these critical products. The company is confident that its efforts have actively contributed to support the Healthcare System during this hard battle. ST will continue the mission of studying and developing new value-added products for the crucial health sector. 
“What we were able to achieve during this period, has a very important meaning for ST Powder Coatings Group,” explains CEO Marco Zadra. “On one hand, our strategic role has been recognized in our commitment to serve essential needs for the Country; on the other hand, we have been able to deal with unforeseen events, find solutions and adapt to this situation in a very short time”.
The company has complied with all required safety measures, ensuring adequate levels of protection for workers. This allowed production operativity even during the most acute lock-down phase.
“These actions” concludes the CEO, “are the result of the solid economic-financial structure of our company and the high competence and commitment of our employees, which allow us to support the business and continue to offer customers the best service even in an emergency period like the one we are experiencing”.

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