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COVID-19 / Company operations update

marzo 2020

Dear Customers, Suppliers, Distributors, 
Herewith, we would like to give you an update regarding the Company's operations status and the countermeasures taken to guarantee health and safety conditions in the workplace. 
Following the issue of the last Prime Ministerial Decree of 22 March 2020, further measures have been introduced regarding the containment and management of the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency, applicable on the entire national territory, which have implicated the suspension of the whole non-essential industrial and commercial activities. St Powder Coating will remain open as its activities are considered strategic and essentials, as described in Annex 1 of the decree. 
In compliance with the Ministerial Decree (DPCM) emanated on 22/03/2022 and the Protocol for Safety rules signed on 14/03/2020, all the necessary measures to ensure adequate levels of protection for workers have been fully applied and therefore productive activities will go on. 
Additionally, we would like to point out that, on 16th March 2020, the Veneto Region has given to the SPISAL inspectors a mandate to start inspections in factories and companies, starting from the more structured ones. In our case, the audit performed on 17/03/2020 found a full compliance to the provisions. 
Moreover, on 21/03/2020, we carried out an extraordinary sanitizing intervention on the indoor spaces, environments, workstations, common and leisure areas and vending machines for drinks and snacks. 
In compliance with the above, we inform you that: 
•    the operations of St Powder Coatings Group continue regularly in the plant based in Montecchio Maggiore (VI); 
•    all foreign subsidiaries are fully operative; 
•    nowadays there are no restrictions on the transport of goods within the national territory and within the EU; 
•    supplies of raw materials are currently regular; 
•    the non-productive activities are largely carried out in "Smart Working" mode, making use of the main and most reliable online meeting platforms. 
Finally, we inform you that a Coronavirus emergency team has been formed: the team constantly monitors the evolution of the situation and the prompt application of further measures that will be necessary. 
We remain at your disposal for any doubt and / or information. 
Yours sincerely. 

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