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COVID-19 / Company operations update

marzo 2020

ST POWDER COATINGS S.p.A. officially inform you, in respect to the mandatory ITALIAN GOVERNMENT DPCM dated 11/03/2020, the complete fulfillment of the whole precautionary measurements for the COVID-19 Sanitary Emergency handling, which allow us to safety proceed with our Production-LAB-Commercial-Logistic and Administrative Activities.


In more details we inform you:

- The  ST Powder Coatings S.p.A. Production activities and also the Logistic Activities keep running with no interruptions or slowing down, as for the warehouses/subsidiaries networks.

- Nowadays, there are No restrictions/obstacles in moving goods between Italian Territory and any EU Territories/Nations.

- The Commercial and Technical services are guarantee, via Phone, e-mail or web as usual.

- Nowadays, there are No concerns/stops regarding  Raw Materials Supply chain which might affect the production process regular accomplishment.

- Nowadays, we have stopped all the unessential activates in respects to the mandatory ITALIAN GOVERNMENT DPCM dated 11/03/2020.

- Where feasible, we have implemented the Smart-Working mode consequently several Company human resources are already 100% operative at home.

- We have adopted and activated the whole Safety measures provided for the Human resources Safeguard, operating into our Facilities.


Obviously, we are continuously monitoring the Situation and in case we will adopt even more countermeasures in order to handle at our best this extraordinary Emergency Situation.

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