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COVID-19 / Company operations update as of 14th April, 2020

abril 2020

We confirm that all the necessary measures to ensure adequate levels of protection for workers have been fully applied. Therefore, productive activities are going on; at the same time, we are waiting for instrumental health guidelines concerning the full restart after the lock down period.

On Saturday 11th April 2020 we carried out a fourth sanitizing intervention on the indoor spaces, environments, workstations, common and leisure areas and vending machines for drinks and snacks. 

We report that Spain began yesterday to decrease the lockdown period. Some activities in compliance with strict hygiene and safety measures may reopen in offices, construction sites and warehouses. Therefore, Spanish branch St Powder Coatings España is open from 13 April.

In compliance with the above, we inform you that: 

·                the operations of St Powder Coatings Group continue regularly in the plant based in Montecchio Maggiore; 

·                all foreign subsidiaries are fully operative (Spain included); 

·                nowadays there are no restrictions on the transport of goods within the national territory and within the EU; 

·                supplies of raw materials are currently regular; 

·                the non-productive activities are largely carried out in "Smart Working" mode, making use of the main and most reliable online meeting platforms. 

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