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COOL POWDER winners at METEF 2023

mayo 2023

On March 31, 2023, our COOL POWDER coating systems received the METEF International Innovation Award in the "Materials" category.

This award is an initiative that has been consolidated for over a decade to enhance the innovative contents proposed by companies in the aluminum sector. The innovation contents were evaluated on the basis of the degree of originality and novelty, the performance peculiarities and the competitive advantages that they are able to offer, also favoring the aspects of energy saving, eco-sustainability and protection of resources contained in the proposals.

The jury thus decreed: "The COOL POWDER coating products of ST Powder Coatings are worthy both from the point of view of their intrinsic qualities and in terms of energy savings in the coating cycle linked to the reduced polymerization temperatures. This aspect naturally also contributes to reduce CO2 emissions and fully embrace the guidelines and obligations that we are required to respect in the coming decades."

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